David Steer

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—For the development of new 5G systems to operate in bands up to 100 GHz, there is a need for accurate radio propagation models at these bands that currently are not addressed by existing channel models developed for bands below 6 GHz. This document presents a preliminary overview of 5G channel models for bands up to 100 GHz. These have been derived based(More)
Disconnected operation based on optimistic replication has been demonstrated as an effective technique enabling mobile computers to access shared data in distributed file systems. To guard against inconsistencies resulted from partitioned data sharing, past research has focused on detecting and resolving write/write conflicts. However, experience shows that(More)
  • Xu-Xia Yan, Corrine J. Porter, Simon P. Hardy, David Steer, A. Ian Smith, Noelene S. Quinsey +8 others
  • 2013
Clostridium perfringens is an anaerobic bacterium that causes numerous important human and animal diseases, primarily as a result of its ability to produce many different protein toxins. In chickens, C. perfringens causes necrotic enteritis, a disease of economic importance to the worldwide poultry industry. The secreted pore-forming toxin NetB is a key(More)
—Future mobile communications systems are likely to be very different to those of today with new service innovations driven by increasing data traffic demand, increasing processing power of smart devices and new innovative applications. To meet these service demands the telecommunications industry is converging on a common set of 5G requirements which(More)
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