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This document captures scope of the Multi-hop System Evaluation Methodology including the Channel Model, Traffic Model and Performance Metrics. This document is a Task Group document to which the harmonized contribution document C802.16j-06/042r2 has been converted as one of the baseline documents defined during the 2 nd Relay TG in session #44. Purpose(More)
—For the development of new 5G systems to operate in bands up to 100 GHz, there is a need for accurate radio propagation models at these bands that currently are not addressed by existing channel models developed for bands below 6 GHz. This document presents a preliminary overview of 5G channel models for bands up to 100 GHz. These have been derived based(More)
Ubiquitin, an 8.5 kDa protein associated with the proteasome degradation pathway has been recently identified as differentially expressed in segment of cord caudal to site of injury in developing spinal cord. Here we describe ubiquitin expression and cellular distribution in spinal cord up to postnatal day P35 in control opossums (Monodelphis domestica) and(More)
Recovery from severe spinal injury in adults is limited, compared to immature animals who demonstrate some capacity for repair. Using laboratory opossums (Monodelphis domestica), the aim was to compare proteomic responses to injury at two ages: one when there is axonal growth across the lesion and substantial behavioural recovery and one when no axonal(More)
Overview This report is about how women entrepreneurs can contribute more to the quality and direction of economic and social development in the Middle East and North Africa region. Economic growth in the Middle East has been remarkable over the last four years, due mainly to higher oil prices. Rapid job growth has followed, driven mainly by the private(More)
—Future mobile communications systems are likely to be very different to those of today with new service innovations driven by increasing data traffic demand, increasing processing power of smart devices and new innovative applications. To meet these service demands the telecommunications industry is converging on a common set of 5G requirements which(More)
Clostridium perfringens is an anaerobic bacterium that causes numerous important human and animal diseases, primarily as a result of its ability to produce many different protein toxins. In chickens, C. perfringens causes necrotic enteritis, a disease of economic importance to the worldwide poultry industry. The secreted pore-forming toxin NetB is a key(More)
The question of whether Campylobacter jejuni produces a cholera toxin-like toxin (CTLT) has been controversial. The objective of this study was to identify the factor that cross-reacts with CT from C. jejuni. Filtrates of C. jejuni grown in four different liquid media reported to promote CTLT production were tested by Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell(More)
As our understanding grows of how the Earth functions as a complex system of myriad interrelated mechanisms, it becomes clear that a revolutionary and novel approach is needed to study and understand it. In order to take advantage of an ever-growing number of observations and large data sets and to employ them efficiently in multidisciplinary studies aimed(More)
Proposed text for Evaluation Methodology and Key Criteria for P802.16m-Advanced Air Interface Purpose For consideration and incorporation into the P802.16m Evaluation Methodology and Key Criteria document. Notice This document has been prepared to assist IEEE 802.16. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing(More)