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Mitochondrial mRNAs encoding subunits of respiratory-chain complexes in kinetoplastids are post-transcriptionally edited by uridine insertion and deletion. In order to identify the proteins encoded by these mRNAs, we have analyzed respiratory-chain complexes from cultured cells of Crithidia fasciculata with the aid of 2D polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis(More)
In kinetoplastid protozoa, mitochondrial (mt) mRNAs are post-transcriptionally edited by insertion and deletion of uridylate residues, the information being provided by guide (g)RNAs. Currently popular mechanisms for the editing process envisage a series of consecutive 'cut-and-paste' reactions, carried out by a complex RNP machinery. Here we report on the(More)
We model and discuss advantages of pan-editing, the complex way of expressing mitochondrial genes in kinetoplastids. The rapid spread and preservation of pan-editing seems to be due to its concomitant fragment dispersal. Such dispersal prevents losing temporarily non expressed mitochondrial genes upon intense intraspecific competition, by linking non(More)
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