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Male Lutzomyia longipalpis of two types from Bolivia were compared using isozyme electrophoresis and wing morphometry. One sample (ex Chiflonkaka Cave, alt. 2800 m at Toro Toro, Charcas Province, Potosi Department) was 'two-spot' phenotype males (i.e. tergites III and IV with paired pale patches of pheromone glands), whereas two other locality samples (Apa(More)
We describe a 56-year-old man with an intrasellar craniopharyngioma who underwent transphenoidal resection and abdominal fat grafting of the dural opening. Follow-up MRI showed hypertrophy of the sellar fat graft concurrent with the patient's weight gain. To our best of knowledge sellar fat graft hypertrophy has not been reported before.
Given a closed convex cone C in a finite dimensional real Hilbert space H, a weakly homogeneous map f : C → H is a sum of two continuous maps h and g, where h is positively homogeneous of degree γ (≥ 0) on C and g(x) = o(||x||) as ||x|| → ∞ in C. Given such a map f , a nonempty closed convex subset K of C, and a q ∈ H, we consider the variational inequality(More)
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