David Sommers

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Great strides have been made in developing psychosocial interventions for the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder over the last three decades, but more remains to be done. The National Institute of Mental Health Psychosocial Intervention Development Workgroup recommends three priorities for future innovation: 1) development of new and more(More)
This research examines the alternative mechanisms by which occupations influence the nature and timing of older men's labor force withdrawal. We specifically assess the extent to which occupational factors operate directly and indirectly on exiting events and whether occupations constrain traditional determinants of labor force participation. Based on a(More)
A. COMPUTER SYNTHESIZED TWO EXPERIMENTS HOLOGRAMS-In a previous report, we derived a new method for recording a complex function in the form of a real non-negative function. The new method has advantages over the conventional holographic method because it does not require a reference signal or a biasing constant in recording the complex wave front of an(More)
The responses of single spindle primary afferents in medial gastrocnemius muscle to passive extension of the muscle were compared in adult cats between controls, acutely decerebellate (DB), chronically DB, and chronic, congenitally ataxic (CA) animals, to determine the degree of restitution (“compensation”) of responses in the chronic groups. It was found(More)
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