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We examined the patient activation measure's (PAM's) association with process and health outcomes among adults with chronic conditions. Patients with high PAM scores were significantly more likely to perform self-management behaviors, use self-management services, and report high medication adherence, compared to patients with the lowest PAM scores. This(More)
While evidence exists regarding the effectiveness of many health education interventions, few of these evidence-based programs have been systematically or widely disseminated. This paper reports on the dissemination of one such intervention, the 6-week peer-led Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, throughout a large health-care system, Kaiser(More)
The use of medical services is a function of several interacting psychological and social variables as well as a function of physical malfunction. The clinical significance of addressing patients' psychosocial issues has only occasionally been considered. However, the shift in health care economics toward health care maintenance is responsible for the(More)
Executive Summary Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a circuit-based switching technology that meets the ever-increasing market demands for network bandwidth. ATM networking technology provides support for Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks (B-ISDN), the high-speed transfer of voice, video and data over a single network. In addition, ATM(More)