David Smyth

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BACKGROUND Christchurch, New Zealand, was struck by 2 major earthquakes at 4:36 am on 4 September 2010, magnitude 7.1 and at 12:51 pm on 22 February 2011, magnitude 6.3. Both events caused widespread destruction. Christchurch Hospital was the region's only acute care hospital. It remained functional following both earthquakes. We were able to examine the(More)
During the inflammatory response that drives atherogenesis, macrophages accumulate progressively in the expanding arterial wall. The observation that circulating monocytes give rise to lesional macrophages has reinforced the concept that monocyte infiltration dictates macrophage buildup. Recent work has indicated, however, that macrophage accumulation does(More)
Interferon gamma (IFNγ) is an important regulatory cytokine that can exert a pro-inflammatory effect in the gut, where it has been shown to increase epithelial permeability via disruption of the tight junctions. Here we investigated the potential for IFNγ to regulate the adherens junction protein E-cadherin, an important mediator of normal epithelial tissue(More)
Arrays of tidal energy converters have the potential to provide clean renewable energy for future generations. Benthic communities may, however, be affected by changes in current speeds resulting from arrays of tidal converters located in areas characterised by strong currents. Current speed, together with bottom type and depth, strongly influence benthic(More)
David Smyth is a plant developmental geneticist. He began his independent career at Monash University in Melbourne in 1974, where he investigated the basis of the very large genomes of the true lilies (Lilium species) when DNA cloning methods became available. Two abundant dispersed elements turned out to be retrotransposons, revealing their important role(More)
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