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We address the problem of allowing authorized users, who have yet to establish a secret key, to <i>securely</i> and <i>efficiently</i> exchange key establishment messages over an insecure channel in the presence of jamming and message insertion attacks. This problem was first introduced by Strasser, P&#246;pper, &#268;apkun, and &#268;agalj in their recent(More)
Acknowledgements Gratitude … is a sickness suffered by dogs. There are many people that worked really hard to make this project something of real value. Whether I was one of this select group is debatable, however, it is certain that I am in the debt of the following individuals: The three biggest influencers on this project were surely Patrick Doyle,(More)
— The spectral radiance measured by an airborne imaging spectrometer for a material on the Earth's surface depends strongly on the illumination incident of the material and the atmospheric conditions. This dependence has limited the success of material-identification algorithms that rely on hyperspectral image data without associated ground-truth(More)
—We present a new class of network attacks, referred to as flow-jamming attacks, in which an adversary with multiple jammers throughout the network jams packets to reduce traffic flow. We propose a linear programming framework for flow-jamming attacks, providing a foundation for the design of future protocols to mitigate flow-jamming. We propose metrics to(More)