David Slater

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Traditional approaches to three dimensional object recognition exploit the relationship between three di mensional object geometry and two dimensional image geometry. The capability of object recognition systems can be improved b y also incorporating information about the color of object surfaces. We derive invariants of local color pixel distributions that(More)
Eighteen patients who developed cutaneous reactions to red tattoos were studied to identify the chemicals responsible for the reactions to modern red tattoo pigments. Biopsies from the tattoos were examined histologically and the chemical composition of the red pigments was analysed by X-ray microanalysis. A variety of metallic elements including aluminium,(More)
The spectral radiance measured by an airborne imaging spectrometer for a material on the Earth’s surface depends strongly on the illumination incident of the material and the atmospheric conditions. This dependence has limited the success of material-identification algorithms that rely on hyperspectral image data without associated ground-truth information.(More)
We address the problem of allowing authorized users, who have yet to establish a secret key, to <i>securely</i> and <i>efficiently</i> exchange key establishment messages over an insecure channel in the presence of jamming and message insertion attacks. This problem was first introduced by Strasser, P&#246;pper, &#268;apkun, and &#268;agalj in their recent(More)
We investigate the impact of node capture attacks on the confidentiality and integrity of network traffic. We map the compromise of network traffic to the flow of current through an electric circuit and propose a metric for quantifying the vulnerability of the traffic using the circuit mapping. We compute the vulnerability metric as a function of the(More)
Connectome is a term with a short history but a long past. Since the origins of neuroscience the concept of a 'map of neural connections' has been a constant inspiring idea for those who believed the brain as the organ of intellect. A myriad of proto-connectome maps have been produced throughout the centuries, each one reflecting the theory and method of(More)
Joint analysis of security and routing protocols in wireless networks reveals vulnerabilities of secure network traffic that remain undetected when security and routing protocols are analyzed independently. We formulate a class of continuous metrics to evaluate the vulnerability of network traffic as a function of security and routing protocols used in(More)