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We address the problem of allowing authorized users, who have yet to establish a secret key, to <i>securely</i> and <i>efficiently</i> exchange key establishment messages over an insecure channel in the presence of jamming and message insertion attacks. This problem was first introduced by Strasser, P&#246;pper, &#268;apkun, and &#268;agalj in their recent(More)
— The spectral radiance measured by an airborne imaging spectrometer for a material on the Earth's surface depends strongly on the illumination incident of the material and the atmospheric conditions. This dependence has limited the success of material-identification algorithms that rely on hyperspectral image data without associated ground-truth(More)
We present a new class of network attacks, referred to as <i>flow-jamming</i> <i>attacks</i>, in which an adversary with multiple jammers throughout the network jams packets to reduce traffic flow. We propose a linear programming framework for flow-jamming attacks, providing a foundation for the design of future protocols to mitigate flow-jamming. We(More)
Spatial filters provide a useful and efficient means of analyzing an input color image into components that capture different spatial properties. Representations based on spatial filtering have restricted usefulness for recognition, however, because the output of a spatial filter across an image depends on the scene illumination conditions. We use a(More)