David Skogan

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We describe a methodology for assembling composite services based on three basic processes which are independent of the concrete implementation: Service Abstraction Process, Service Composition Process, and Translation Process. These processes share the concept of integrated component composed of two key aspects: a specific set of the Aalst's workflow(More)
Web service technologies are becoming increasingly important for integrating systems and services. There is much activity and interest around standardization and usage of web service technologies. The Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the Model Driven Architecture (MDA)™ provide a framework that can be applied to web service development. This paper(More)
Multiple representation of geographic information occurs when a real-world entity is represented more than once in the same or different databases. In this paper, we propose a new approach to the modeling of multiply represented entities and the relationships among the entities and their representations. A Multiple Representation Management System is(More)
The successful collaboration and interoperability between fully and partially related E-government subject domains requires well understood and high quality definitions of terms and a unified view of the relationships between the defined terms. The common terms and corresponding relation are defined in knowledge taxonomies (or even ontologies) and several(More)
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