David Silva Moura

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All types of DNA damage cause a local alteration and relaxation of chromatin structure. Sensing and reacting to this initial chromatin alteration is a necessary trigger for any type of DNA damage response (DDR). In this context, chromatin kinases are likely candidates to participate in detection and reaction to a locally altered chromatin as a consequence(More)
Lung cancer is considered an environment-related disease that develops as a consequence of exposure to mutagenic agents, namely those present in tobacco. The CYP1A1 gene codifies the phase I enzyme aryl hydrocarbon hydroxilase (AHH) belonging to the cytochrome P450 system that plays a major role in the bio-activation of tobacco procarcinogenes. Two CYP1A1(More)
Sox2 is a pluripotency transcription factor that as an oncogene can also regulate cell proliferation. Therefore, genes implicated in several different aspects of cell proliferation, such as the VRK1 chromatin-kinase, are candidates to be targets of Sox2. Sox 2 and VRK1 colocalize in nuclei of proliferating cells forming a stable complex. Sox2 knockdown(More)
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