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This paper serves as an overview and discusses the main findings from the Border Air Quality and Meteorology Study (BAQS-Met) in southwestern Ontario in 2007. This region is dominated by the Great Lakes, shares borders with the United States and consistently experiences the highest ozone (O 3) and fine particulate matter concentrations in Canada. The(More)
Summer 2003 issues i ITEMS & rom literary studies to rational choice theory, issues broadly construed as "cultural" have inspired academic debates, fostered interdisciplinary exchanges, and prompted battles over the methods, evidence, and objectives of scholarly research. 1 In political science (the discipline in which I was trained) the concept of culture(More)
We propose a contour morphing framework that allows large deformations and topological changes while guaranteeing non self-intersecting contours. Instead of explicitly matching contour points, the proposed algorithm combines an implicit contour representation with state-of-the-art deformable image registration. Synthetic and real-life examples from a(More)
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