David Sigfredo Angulo

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In this paper, we introduced a framework for experiment management that simplifies the users' interaction with grid environments by managing a large number of tasks to be conducted as part of the experiment by the individual scientist. Our framework is an extension to the Java CoG Kit. We have developed a client-server approach that allows us to utilize the(More)
Acknowledgments The Government retains for itself, and others acting on its behalf, a paid-up, nonexclusive, irrevocable worldwide license in said article to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies to the public, and perform publicly and display publicly, by or on behalf of the Government. 2 Introduction Cluster & Batch Queuing System: enable(More)
SCY-078 (MK-3118) is a novel, semisynthetic derivative of enfumafungin and represents the first compound of the triterpene class of antifungals. SCY-078 exhibits potent inhibition of β-(1,3)-d-glucan synthesis, an essential cell wall component of many pathogenic fungi, including Candida spp. and Aspergillus spp. SCY-078 is currently in phase 2 clinical(More)
Proteomic researchers who study mass spectrometry data have expressed a need for an accurate public database of empirically derived curated mass spectrum information. Lack of such a database limits proteomic researchers in their ability to identify and study proteins. Until recently, storage space and computing power has been the limiting factor in(More)
The manipulation of codon selection in synthetic genes greatly influences expression of the gene's products i.e. proteins. Biologists frequently have multiple objectives when constructing a synthetic gene for a given protein sequence and are often limited by the tools and mechanisms used to design genes in vitro. Poor codon choice and mRNA secondary(More)
From string to form to function, the study of protein architecture can quickly move from studying a simple sequence of letters to investigating a complex three-dimensional structure that performs a vital role within a cell. The Illinois Bio-Grid (IBG) aims to develop high-quality open-source tools to aid in the study of these complex molecules. Among them,(More)
Mass spectrometry (MS) is technology used to study gas-phase ions by mass analysis, i.e., the separation of ions by their m/z (mass/charge) values. Although various mass spectrometers differ in their sensitivity and technology used in calculating m/z, all of them generate mass spectra as output. MS technology has become a central tool in the study of(More)
SCY-078 is an orally bioavailable ß-1,3-glucan synthesis inhibitor (GSI) and the first-in-class of structurally novel triterpene antifungals in clinical development for treating candidemia and invasive candidiasis. In vitro susceptibilities by broth microdilution, antifungal carryover, and time-kill dynamics were determined for three reference (ATCC)(More)
alpha-Synuclein (alpha-syn) is an intrinsically unstructured 140-residue neuronal protein of uncertain function that is implicated in the etiology of Parkinson's disease. Tertiary contact formation rate constants in alpha-syn, determined from diffusion-limited electron-transfer kinetics measurements, are poorly approximated by simple random polymer theory.(More)