David Sigfredo Angulo

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Research in proteomics has created two significant needs: the need for an accurate public database of empirically derived mass spectrum information and the need for managing the I/O and organization of mass spectrometry data in the form of files and structures. Lack of an empirically derived database limits the ability of proteomic researchers to identify(More)
stayed with the university as a professor and pioneered the DNA sequencer. This invention serves as the foundation of molecular biology today and has made the Human Genome Project a reality. He has also played a role in founding biotech companies like Amgen, Applied Biosystems, and Rosetta. Dr. Hood, how would you describe Systems Biology? Systems biology(More)
Computers have revolutionized the sciences, biology in particular. With the aid of massively parallel instruments, scientists can now sequence the entire human genome, a string of over four billion characters. This huge data set would be unusable without methods to organize, search, and interpret it. This month, Crossroads brings you a special issue devoted(More)
The ability to harness heterogeneous, dynamically available " Grid " resources is attractive to typically resource-starved computational scientists and engineers, as in principle it can increase, by significant factors, the number of cycles that can be delivered to applications. However, new adaptive application structures and dynamic runtime system(More)
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