David Sherlock

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We report three experiments employing outline face and bug stimuli. Subjects either attended to the spatial relationships between and otherwise independent of the individual feature elements (holistic processing condition), or instead attended (with the same stimuli) to the shape of certain discrete feature elements (analytic condition). They were timed in(More)
Of 22 infants aged between 11 and 29 months who underwent a combined reconstruction of the upper brachial plexus and shoulder for the sequelae of a birth injury, 19 were followed up for two or more years. The results were evaluated using a modified Gilbert scale. Three patients required a secondary procedure before follow-up. Three patients had a persistent(More)
PURPOSE To study the production of chemokines by colorectal hepatic metastases. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Biopsies of resected colorectal hepatic metastases and nonneoplastic adjacent liver tissue were screened for chemokines using protein arrays and results were confirmed by ELISA and immunohistochemistry. RESULTS Two chemokines, eotaxin-2 and MCP-1, were(More)
Vascular endothelial growth factor-C (VEGF-C) and VEGF-D are members of the VEGF family of cytokines and have angiogenic and lymphangiogenic actions. In gastric adenocarcinoma, VEGF-C mRNA and tissue protein expression correlate with lymphatic invasion, lymph node metastasis and in some reports, venous invasion and reduced 5-year survival. Patients with(More)
BACKGROUND The liver is the most frequent site for metastases of colorectal cancer, which is the second largest contributor to cancer deaths in Europe. We did a randomised trial to compare an intrahepatic arterial (IHA) fluorouracil and folinic acid regimen with the standard intravenous de Gramont fluorouracil and folinic acid regimen for patients with(More)
With rising incidence and emergence of effective treatment options, the management of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a complex multidisciplinary process. There is still little consensus and uniformity about clinicopathological staging systems. Resection and liver transplantation have been the cornerstone of curative surgical treatments with recent(More)
There is a mismatch between the enthusiasm of policy makers and other actors for initiatives to support the validation of informal learning, and the lack of adoption of systems in practice. This problem is explored, with reference to the creation of the Informal Learning Collector in the European Commission TRAILER project. It is proposed that formality in(More)
Despite improvements in treatment, the 5-year survival for metastatic colorectal cancer remains poor. Novel approaches such as gene immunotherapy are being investigated to improve treatment. Retroviral gene transfer methods have been shown to transduce primary human T lymphocytes effectively resulting in the expression of therapeutic genes. However, a(More)
The goal of the present study was to identify cytochemical markers characteristic of muscle afferents in hatchling chicks. To this end, we stained neurons in the trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus with a variety of markers that label subsets of neurons in avian dorsal root ganglia. We found that trigeminal mesencephalic neurons are surprisingly heterogeneous(More)