David Shannon

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Many substance abusers present with elevated scores on self-report measures of psychopathological symptoms. We decided to examine this in a sample of 194 crack cocaine abusers. Results indicated that these individuals reported significantly greater psychopathological distress than manual-provided norms, and that this distress was not related to recency of(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine variability in overarm throwing velocity and spatial output error at various percentages of maximum to test the prediction of an inverted-U function as predicted by impulse-variability theory and a speed-accuracy trade-off as predicted by Fitts' Law Thirty subjects (16 skilled, 14 unskilled) were instructed to throw(More)
Background. Empathic communication skills are critical to providing high-quality nursing care to holistically understand the patient's perspective. A survey research design was used to address the research questions discussed in this study. Data consisted of responses from nursing students attending accredited programs in the southeastern United Sates using(More)
BACKGROUND Converging international evidence suggests that diabetes incidence is lower among adults living in more walkable neighbourhoods. The association between walkability and physical activity (PA), the presumed mediator of this relationship, has not been carefully examined in adults with type 2 diabetes. We investigated the associations of walkability(More)
Experiments were performed on 25 otoneurologically "normal' subjects to evaluate the hot caloric test as a screening test for aminoglycoside vestibular toxicity. Using portable equipment under non-ideal conditions, it was found that there was a large inter-subject variability in nystagmic response and that, instead of a random test-retest variability, a(More)
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