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Although considerable attention has been paid to the subject of scholarship in other disciplines, relatively little attention has been devoted to this vital topic in marketing. Moreover, while there has been attention paid to the influence of marketing research on pedagogy, the impact of input from learning environments into research has virtually been(More)
Strategic network formation models the uncoordinated creation of a network by selfish agents. Inspired by real world examples, e.g. the Internet, researchers have introduced an abundance of strategic games to study natural phenomena in networks. Most of these games have the conceptual drawback of being computationally intractable. For example, computing a(More)
In order to assess the effectiveness of an advertisement employing incon-gruity, it would be most helpful to determine when and how incongruity is likely to be processed by consumers and the nature of the response it is likely to evoke. By combining the tenets of two classic processing theories, Petty and Cacioppo's Elaboration Likelihood Model (1981, 1986)(More)
Canyon. I'd really like to see that someday. " Maybe he and Malibu Son #1 would stop off on the way back to LA. This conversation bothered me, so I finally made a comment about the plight of children in the Thai sex trade. The American assured me that was way off limits in his book, and all of his adventures were with adults. " It's all the same industry, "(More)
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