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The INK4a-ARF locus is located on human chromosome 9p21 and is known to encode two functionally distinct tumor-suppressor genes. The p16(INK4a) (p16) tumor-suppressor gene product is a negative regulator of cyclin-dependent kinases 4 and 6, which in turn positively regulate progression of mammalian cells through the cell cycle. The p14(ARF) tumor-suppressor(More)
Loss of genome-wide methylation is a common feature of cancer, and the degree of hypomethylation has been correlated with genomic instability. Global methylation of repetitive elements possibly arose as a defense mechanism against parasitic DNA elements, including retrotransposons and viral pathogens. Given the alterations of global methylation in both(More)
Differential gene expression between squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and matched normal tissue was studied by utilizing Representational Difference Analysis. Using this methodology, a novel gene, DESC1 was isolated. DESC1 possesses strong identity to the serine protease super-family. Comparison of DESC1 expression between primary squamous cell(More)
Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) has been hypothesized as a mechanism by which cells change phenotype during carcinogenesis, as well as tumor metastasis. Whether EMT is involved in cancer metastasis has a specific, practical impact on the field of circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Since the generally accepted definition of a CTC includes the(More)
Fourteen patients with an average of more than 60 episodes of upper airway obstruction during night sleep were treated with a nonsedating tricyclic antidepressant, protriptyline. Frequency and duration of recorded apneas decreased in 11 cases, and satisfactory control of sleep apnea was maintained with medical therapy alone in 8 of these 11 patients for 7(More)
We present an information-theoretic discussion of authenti-cation via graphical passwords, and devise a model for entropy estimation. Our results make face-recognition based authentication comparable to standard password authentication in terms of uncertainty (Shannon-entropy) that an adversary is confronted with in both situations. It is widely known that(More)
Myoferlin (MYOF) is a member of ferlin family of membrane proteins that was originally discovered as a muscle specific protein. Recent studies have shown that myoferlin is also expressed in other cell types including endothelial cells and cancer cells. However, very little is known about the expression and biological role of myoferlin in head and neck(More)
The Macromolecular Diffraction Facility at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (MacCHESS) is a national research resource supported by the National Center for Research Resources of the US National Institutes of Health. MacCHESS is pursuing several research initiatives designed to benefit both CHESS users and the wider structural biology community.(More)
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