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We present a two-part review of the English-language literature pertaining to drug therapy for systemic high BP in patients with pulmonary diseases. Part I examines the literature pertaining to the use of antihypertensive drugs in patients with systemic hypertension and coexisting pulmonary conditions, especially COPD and asthma. Part II of the series(More)
The daily intake of total phenolics, total flavonoids and antioxidants in the American diet was estimated from the most common 34 fresh fruit and vegetables and their daily consumption data. Among 14 fruit and 20 vegetables, orange contributed the highest amount of total phenolics [117.1 mg gallic acid equivalent (GAE) person −1 day −1 ] and antioxidants(More)
Information complexity associated with automation aids is a bottleneck that limits their use. While automation systems are designed to bring new functions to users and increase their capacities, automation also creates new tasks associated with acquiring and integrating information from displays. For example, a complex display increases information load to(More)
We present a prop-based, tangible interface for 3D interactive visualization of thin fiber structures. These data are commonly found in current bioimaging datasets, for example second-harmonic generation microscopy of collagen fibers in tissue. Our approach uses commodity visualization technologies such as a depth sensing camera and low-cost 3D display.(More)
This paper presents Drawing with the Flow, a sketch-based interface for illustrating 2D vector fields. Drawing with the Flow explores the problem of making scientific visualization tools accessible to artists and illustrators, who have a finely tuned visual design sense, but do not typically have the programming or mathematical background required to work(More)
In this position paper we discuss successes and limitations of current evaluation strategies for scientific visualizations and argue for embracing a mixed methods strategy of evaluation. The most novel contribution of the approach that we advocate is a new emphasis on employing design processes as practiced in related fields (e.g., graphic design,(More)
We present Visualization-by-Sketching, a direct-manipulation user interface for designing new data visualizations. The goals are twofold: First, make the process of creating real, animated, data-driven visualizations of complex information more accessible to artists, graphic designers, and other visual experts with traditional, non-technical training.(More)
This report describes the status of color use in current air traffic control (ATC) displays. It represents the first step in our effort to reexamine the color vision standards for air traffic controllers. The current job-related color vision tests used by the FAA are based on an analysis of ATC tasks conducted in the 1980s. Over the past decade, many color(More)