David Schreiber

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The relationship between chromatin structure and gene expression is a subject of intense study. The universal transcriptional activator Gal4 removes promoter nucleosomes as it triggers transcription, but how it does so has remained obscure. The reverse process, repression of transcription, has often been correlated with the presence of nucleosomes. But it(More)
In this paper we present a method to detect and track straight lane boundaries, using a forward-looking single camera mounted on-board. The method proved to be robust, even under varying lighting conditions, and in the presence of heavy shadowing cast by vegetation, vehicles, bridges, etc. Moreover, false positive hardly occur. The lane markings are being(More)
This paper presents a multisensor surveillance system used inside an Automated Border Control (ABC) system (more specifically, an eGate). The system consists of two parts: counting the number of persons inside the eGate (person separation), ensuring that no more than one passenger is present; left luggage detection, ensuring that the passenger did not leave(More)
In this paper we present a background subtraction algorithm for a practical surveillance system, on a GPU. It utilizes a compressed non-parametric representation of the history of each pixel, using YCbCr color space, not requiring an offline training period. Although it can be parametrized to cope successfully with moving background, we rather focus on(More)
Image streams from road surveillance cameras often show a poor quality for measuring the vehicle's speed. This paper discusses methods for detection and tracking of vehicles that 1) provides statistical data on bidirectional traffic and 2) provides continuous speed measurements of individual vehicles for a typical range up to 100 m for rear viewed and 70 m(More)
The chain length dependence of helix formation of transmembrane peptides in lipids was investigated using fragments corresponding to the second transmembrane domain of the alpha-factor receptor from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Seven peptides with chain lengths of 10 (M2-10; FKYLLSNYSS), 14 (M2-14), 18 (M2-18), 22 (M2-22), 26 (M2-26), 30 (M2-30) and 35 (M2-35;(More)
Systems for adaptive cruise control (ACC) become increasingly complex in case multiple sensors are used. The search space, detection error and run-time may increase substantially due to combinatory explosion of methods and data. This paper presents a method that simplifies fusion between range and vision devices using corresponding sets of hypotheses. A(More)