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Intergroup dialogue : deliberative democracy in school, college, community, and workplace
Intergroup dialogue represents a grassroots effort to meet one of the major challenges facing our democracy today: the lack of communication among diverse groups of people in schools, in communities,Expand
Intergroup Dialogue for a Just and Diverse Democracy
If media attention is any indicator of public trends, then the mid- to late 1990s would have been the age of intergroup dialogue in the United States. But as one steps back from all the mediaExpand
Transforming Undergraduate Education Moving Beyond Distinct Undergraduate Initiatives
am sitting in a meeting with the “usual suspects.” I am a member of a committee focusing on undergraduate curricular initiatives, and I am talking with a group of dedicated faculty and departmentExpand
Multicultural Teaching in the University
The Meaning of Multicultural Teaching: An Introduction Courses on Intergroup Relations Courses on Racism, Sexism, and Diversity General Courses Giving Attention to Diversity Teacher Training andExpand
Inside separate worlds : life stories of young Blacks, Jews, and Latinos
Young people speak about being identified as part of an ethnic minority in the United States
Shalom School 30 Years After: Reflections on the Jewish Afternoon School
David Schoem reflects on his research study from 30-plus years ago, published as Ethnic Survival in America: An Ethnography of a Jewish Afternoon School (1979, 1989). Schoem points to the continuingExpand
Modeling a Diverse and Democratic America: The Michigan Community Scholars Program
Student, faculty, community, and staff participants in a scholarly program at the University of Michigan are attempting to create a microcosmic representation of a country built on shared work andExpand
Explaining Jewish Student Failure.
This paper will first present a description of the community of one particular Jewish school. It will then review some of the more widely debated theories of student failure and suggest anExpand