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Mitigation of security risk is an important task in enterprise network security management. However it is presently a skill acquired by individual experience, more an art than a science. The biggest challenge in the problem is a quantitative model that objectively measures the likelihood a breach can be accomplished. This paper presents a sound and(More)
Quantifying security risk is an important and yet difficult task in enterprise network security management. While metrics exist for individual software vulnerabilities, there is currently no standard way of aggregating such metrics. We present a model that can be used to aggregate vulnerability metrics in an enterprise network, producing quantitative(More)
Given the high costs of software testing and fixing bugs after release, early detection of bugs using static analysis can result in significant savings. However, despite their many benefits, recent availability of many such tools, and evidence of a positive return-on-investment, static-analysis tools are not used widely because of various usability and(More)
SUMMARY The objective of this paper is to summarize the available literature on the concentrations and emissions of odor, ammonia, nitrous oxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, non-methane volatile organic carbon, dust, and microbial and endotoxin aerosols from livestock and poultry buildings and manure management systems (storage and treatment units). Animal(More)
Helminths immunomodulate their hosts and induce a regulatory, anti-inflammatory milieu that prevents allergies and autoimmune diseases. Helminth immunomodulation may benefit sepsis outcome by preventing exacerbated inflammation and severe pathology, but the influence on bacterial clearance remains unclear. To address this, mice were chronically infected(More)
  • S J Hoff, J D Harmon, L Chen, K A Janni, D R Schmidt, R E Nicolai +9 others
  • 2009
A strategy for providing partial biofiltration of a critical minimum amount of ventilation air (CMVR) from a hybrid ventilated swine finishing facility was developed and tested. The CMVR, defined as the minimum treated exhaust air that suppressed nighttime curtain opening movement, was set at 81 m 3 h ‐1 pig ‐1 with the intention of providing enough fan(More)
Obtaining data without the intervention of a health care provider represents an opportunity to expand understanding of the safety of medications used in difficult-to-study situations, like the first trimester of pregnancy when women may not present for medical care. While it is widely agreed that personal data, and in particular medical data, needs to be(More)