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A three-dimensional unstructured mesh discretization of the rotational from of the incompressible Navier–Stokes is presented. The method uses novel and highly efficient algorithms for interpolating the velocity vector and constructing the convention term. The resulting discretization is shown to conserve mass, kinetic energy, and vorticity to machine(More)
Mitigation of security risk is an important task in enterprise network security management. However it is presently a skill acquired by individual experience, more an art than a science. The biggest challenge in the problem is a quantitative model that objectively measures the likelihood a breach can be accomplished. This paper presents a sound and(More)
Quantifying security risk is an important and yet difficult task in enterprise network security management. While metrics exist for individual software vulnerabilities, there is currently no standard way of aggregating such metrics. We present a model that can be used to aggregate vulnerability metrics in an enterprise network, producing quantitative(More)
Given the high costs of software testing and fixing bugs after release, early detection of bugs using static analysis can result in significant savings. However, despite their many benefits, recent availability of many such tools, and evidence of a positive return-on-investment, static-analysis tools are not used widely because of various usability and(More)
On December 18, 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the Consumer Health Information for Better Nutrition Initiative. The initiative's goal is to make available more and better information about conventional foods and dietary supplements to help Americans improve their health and reduce risk of disease by making sound dietary decisions. It(More)
Design of an in-car user interface requires knowledge from the field of Human Factors as well as from usability theory. In this project, a user interface for an automatic parallel parking system has been developed. The main research question has been which display modality to choose, as current literature does not give a clear-cut answer to whether to use(More)