David Schatz

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The protocols in this unit describe the transfection of adherent cells and the testing of resultant clones for inducible transactivator or target gene protein expression. Stably transfected fibroblast cell lines expressing transactivator and target gene(s) can be derived by first cotransfecting pTet-tTAk and a plasmid encoding a selectable marker and(More)
A footprinting technique using phosphorothioate-containing RNA transcripts has been developed and applied to identify contacts between Escherichia coli tRNA(Ser) and its cognate aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase. The cloned gene for the tRNA was transcribed in four reactions in which a different NTP was complemented by 5% of the corresponding nucleoside(More)
Although most genes are expressed biallelically, a number of key genomic sites--including immune and olfactory receptor regions--are controlled monoallelically in a stochastic manner, with some cells expressing the maternal allele and others the paternal allele in the target tissue. Very little is known about how this phenomenon is regulated and programmed(More)
To support position-dependent services, like matchmaking algorithms for online games or geographic backup routes, the estimation of peer locations became a key requisite for a range of applications, recently. However, exact localization may be impossible, e.g., due to nodes lacking Global Positioning System (GPS) access for reasons of cost, energy, or(More)
A six-week course in scientific writing and publishing was developed for pediatrics fellows at the University of Florida College of Medicine in 1984. It covered three areas: (1) grammar, syntax, and prose style; (2) construction of scientific papers; and (3) the submissions and review process. Increasing enrollment and the requests of course graduates led(More)
At the University of Pittsburgh we recognized handicapped computing as falling into the following three categories: visually challenged, physically challenged, and learning disabled. Each of these categories in turn can have a myriad of specific and unique challenges, both singly and in combination, that inmost cases requires specialized adaptation of(More)
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