David Schanzenbach

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In this report we demonstrate the potential utility of resource allocation management systems that use virtual machine technology for sharing parallel computing resources among competing jobs. We formalize the resource allocation problem with a number of underlying assumptions, determine its complexity, propose several heuristic algorithms to find(More)
Commodity clusters are used routinely for deploying service hosting platforms. Due to hardware and operation costs, clusters need to be shared among multiple services. Crucial for enabling such shared hosting platforms is virtual machine (VM) technology, which allows consolidation of hardware resources. A key challenge, however, is to make appropriate(More)
Methods that integrate population-level sampling from multiple taxa into a single community-level analysis are an essential addition to the comparative phylogeographic toolkit. Detecting how species within communities have demographically tracked each other in space and time is important for understanding the effects of future climate and landscape changes(More)
—Spatiotemporal databases are utilized in many applications to store the trajectories of moving objects. In this context, we focus on in-memory distance threshold queries that return all trajectories found within a distance d of a fixed or moving object over a time interval. We present performance results for a sequential query processing algorithm that(More)
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