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We investigated prospectively the radiopacity of 312 pills found on a university hospital formulary by first radiographing them through 15 and 25 cm of water to duplicate the radiodensity of the human body. The pills that were radiodense through water were studied in a human cadaver model, and their densities were quantified by computed tomography (CT).(More)
OBJECTIVES Retrobulbar hemorrhage is a rare condition often necessitating immediate lateral canthotomy for preservation of vision. It is performed infrequently in emergency departments (EDs); therefore, a laboratory-based curriculum using a swine model was developed to teach emergency medicine (EM) residents and pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) fellows(More)
A previously healthy nonepileptic 11-year-old girl presented with confusion and disorientation after an acute ingestion of valproic acid. Her serum concentration of valproic acid was 39.6 mcg/ml, a range normally considered "therapeutic" in the control of seizures. She recovered without sequelae despite the subsequent attainment of higher valproic acid(More)
Let p > 2 be prime. We complete the proof of the weight part of Serre's conjecture for rank two unitary groups for mod p representations in the totally ramified case, by proving that any weight which occurs is a predicted weight. Our methods are a mixture of local and global techniques, and in the course of the proof we establish some purely local results(More)