David Savitt

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We prove a conjecture of Conrad, Diamond, and Taylor on the size of certain deformation rings parametrizing potentially Barsotti-Tate Galois representations. To achieve this, we extend results of Breuil and Mézard (classifying Galois lattices in semistable representations in terms of “strongly divisible modules”) to the potentially crystalline case in(More)
Motivated by Gauss’s first proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, we study the topology of harmonic algebraic curves. By the maximum principle, a harmonic curve has no bounded components; its topology is determined by the combinatorial data of a noncrossing matching. Similarly, every complex polynomial gives rise to a related combinatorial object that(More)
Diagnosis of coin ingestion with esophageal impaction may be delayed if appropriate history is lacking. This delay may lead to mistreatment and complicate management. A series of illustrative cases are reported and relevant literature is reviewed. Guidelines for radiographic evaluation of potential ingestions are provided.
We investigated prospectively the radiopacity of 312 pills found on a university hospital formulary by first radiographing them through 15 and 25 cm of water to duplicate the radiodensity of the human body. The pills that were radiodense through water were studied in a human cadaver model, and their densities were quantified by computed tomography (CT).(More)
OBJECTIVES Retrobulbar hemorrhage is a rare condition often necessitating immediate lateral canthotomy for preservation of vision. It is performed infrequently in emergency departments (EDs); therefore, a laboratory-based curriculum using a swine model was developed to teach emergency medicine (EM) residents and pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) fellows(More)
and its Teichmüller lift will be denoted ω̃n. In particular, ω = ω1 is the mod-l reduction of the cyclotomic character ǫ. Recall that if ρ : GQl or WQl → GL2(K) is continuous and tamely ramified, then ρ |Il is isomorphic either to ω̃ ⊕ ω̃ or to ω̃ 2 ⊕ ω̃ 2 , depending on the absolute reducibility or irreducibility of ρ. If an l-adic representation ρ of GQl(More)