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The Capacitated Vehicle Routing problem is a generalization of the Traveling Salesman problem in which a set of clients must be visited by a collection of capacitated tours. Each tour can visit at most Q clients and must start and end at a specified depot. We present the first approximation scheme for Capacitated Vehicle Routing for non-Euclidean metrics.(More)
The concept of bounded highway dimension was developed to capture observed properties of the metrics of road networks. We show that a metric with bounded highway dimension and a distinguished point (the depot) can be embedded into a a graph of bounded treewidth in such a way that the distance between u and v is preserved up to an additive error of times the(More)
One of the big challenges in program obfuscation consists in modifying not only the program’s straight-line code (SLC) but also the program’s control flow graph (CFG). Indeed, if only SLC is modified, the program’s CFG can be extracted and analyzed. Usually, the CFG leaks a considerable amount of information on the program’s structure. In this work we(More)
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