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A real time room acoustics auralization system for arbitrarily shaped rooms is presented. The system is based on an accelerated image source method and a time-dependent radiosity method for the computation of the complete binaural room impulse response. The auralization module is implemented as a wide band frequency dependence system. Elements such as wall(More)
Share feedback about the accessibility of this item. to the economics student writing the best quantitative paper or project with public policy implications. Nikolay's paper, " The Effects of Maternal Welfare Receipt on Children's Development, " is the lead article in this issue of the Gettysburg Economic Review. collaborative summer research between a(More)
The rapid rate of change in technology and the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks require any organization to have a continuous preparation. However, the resource and time intensive nature of cybersecurity education and training renders traditional approaches highly inefficient. Simulators have attracted the attention in the last years as a(More)
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