David Santiago

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EDGeS is an European funded Framework Program 7 project that aims to connect desktop and service grids together. While in a desktop grid, personal computers pull jobs when they are idle, in service grids there is a scheduler that pushes jobs to available resources. The work in EDGeS goes well beyond conceptual solutions to bridge these grids together: it(More)
We report on tests of a compensated sapphire oscillator (CSO) which shows frequency-stable operation at temperatures above 77 K[1]. The frequency stability for this oscillator shows an apparent flicker floor of 7.5×10 for measuring times between 3 and 10 seconds, and stability better than 2×10 for all measuring times between 1 and 100 seconds. These values(More)
Oxytetracycline (OTC) is a widely-used antibiotic in several animal species. The Food and Drug Administration allows OTC to be used in fish intended for human food, but there is limited kinetics data available. We studied OTC concentrations in plasma, kidney and liver in tenches (Tinca tinca L) after im administration using HPLC. Concentrations were fit to(More)
A series of acrylate-based shape-memory materials are synthesized from bisphenol A diacrylate monomers as crosslinking agents. Networks are synthesized by keeping constant the content of bisphenol A-based crosslinking agent and systematically varying the content ratio of different monofunctional chain builder monomers. The implications of the structure of(More)
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