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In this paper we describe the Chemistry Attitudes and Experiences Questionnaire (CAEQ) developed to measure first year university chemistry students' attitude-towards-chemistry, chemistry self-efficacy, and their learning experiences. The instrument was developed to maximise construct validity, by reference to a sound theoretical framework and evaluation of(More)
We used a sonomicrometric determination of ventricular dimension to examine the effect of ischemia and reperfusion on the work-length relationship in the intact heart to develop a useful and precise variable of ventricular contractile response to injury. Twenty anesthetized dogs were instrumented with epicardial ultrasonic dimension transducers to record(More)
From mid-October 2013 to the beginning of November 2013, New South Wales (NSW) experienced a significant sustained bushfire spring period in the Blue Mountains, the Central Coast and the Southern Highland causing property damages in those areas, and high pollution (particle and ozone) episodes over the metropolitan areas of Sydney. This paper studied the(More)
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