David Salas Monreal

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Efficient reef management strategies rely on detailed knowledge of biological exchange dynamics. At present, available connectivity information on Mexican Atlantic reefs is scarce, particularly concerning the Veracruz Reef System (VRS), which is located in the south-western Gulf of Mexico. This study used a hierarchically nested sampling design to evaluate(More)
The aim of this study was to determine Lindane and Endosulfan Sulfate isomers in Crassostrea virginica oyster populations (Gmelin, 1791) in the Mandinga and Alvarado lagoon systems located in the central Gulf of Mexico. Samples were taken from the main oyster banks of each lagoon system, during the three representative seasons of the region, wet, dry and(More)
The role of vertical barotropic and baroclinic tidal forcing in the aggregation and dispersion of ichthyoplankton in the Southern Gulf of Mexico was analyzed in this study. Samplings of ichthyoplankton and the determination of hydrographic parameters were performed during September 1992 at a single point of 180 m depth, near the shelf break (19°32’N(More)
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