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The Campaign to “Open Up the West”: National, Provincial-level and Local Perspectives
The campaign to Open Up the West that started in 2000 has been presented as a major state project of nation-building directed at the interior provincial-level jurisdictions in order to encourageExpand
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The New Rich in China: Future rulers, present lives
Part 1: Introduction 1 The New Rich in China: The consequences of social change, David Goodman and Xiaowei Zang Part 2: Class, Status, and Power 2 Why there is no new middle class, David Goodman 3Expand
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Australia and the China Threat: managing ambiguity
ABSTRACT A China Threat – the fear of being taken over by China and the Chinese – has been an ever present in the politics of Australia since even before there was a Commonwealth of Australia. It wasExpand
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Middle Class China: Dreams and Aspirations
An important part of the China Dream is the development of a comfortable middle class lifestyle for all. This is not such a surprising development since a public discourse surrounding the emergenceExpand
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China's campaign to "Open up the West" : national, provincial, and local perspectives
Preface 1. The campaign to 'open up the West': national, provincial-level and local perspectives David S. G. Goodman 2. The emergence of the campaign to 'open up the West': ideological formation,Expand
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Fault Lines: Journeys into the New South Africa
South Africa has experienced one of the world's most dramatic political transformations. David Goodman, a journalist and activist who has witnessed South Africa's struggles since the darkest days ofExpand
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China's Provinces in Reform: Class, Community and Political Culture
China is a far larger and more diverse country than many people in the West realise. The provinces that make up the country are considerable social, economic and political systems in their own right.Expand
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Centre and Province in the People's Republic of China: Sichuan and Guizhou, 1955-1965
According to common misconception the Chinese political system is highly centralised. One result of this widely accepted view is that China specialists have often neglected the study ofExpand
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Qinghai and the Emergence of the West: Nationalities, Communal Interaction and National Integration
Qinghai is one of China's poorest provincial-level jurisdictions, least internally integrated and least integrated with the rest of the People's Republic. Its social complexity and fragileExpand
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Locating China’s Middle Classes: social intermediaries and the Party-state
Abstract The middle class has emerged as a political phenomenon in China since 2002 through a state-sponsored discourse that sees it as a universal and universalising class. Although the evidenceExpand
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