David S Wolf

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Pediatric movement disorders the represent a broad range of disorders, the majority of which are intermittent and hyperkinetic. The goal of this review is to discuss recent findings in several under-recognized conditions (motor stereotypy disorder, restless legs syndrome, and infantile masturbation) as well as the area of autoimmune(More)
Incontinentia pigmenti is an X-linked dominant disorder resulting from a mutation of IKBKG. This disorder has a classic dermatologic presentation, but neurologic involvement, with seizures and cortical infarction, can arise shortly after birth. There are no specific therapies available for the manifestations of incontinentia pigmenti. Here, we describe the(More)
OBJECTIVE Headache in children is a common symptom and often is worrisome for clinicians and parents because of the breadth of possible underlying significant abnormalities, including meningitis, brain neoplasms, and intracranial hemorrhage. For this reason, many children with headaches undergo neuroimaging. Most neuroimaging studies performed of children(More)
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