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There is a substantial disagreement in the existing literature regarding which hemisphere of the brain controls spatial abilities. In an attempt to resolve this dispute, we conducted a meta-analysis to decipher which hemisphere truly dominates and under what circumstances. It was found that across people and situations, the right hemisphere is the more(More)
The performance of search engines crucially depends on their ability to capture the meaning of a query most likely intended by the user. We study the problem of mapping a search engine query to those nodes of a given subject taxonomy that characterize its most likely meanings. We describe the architecture of a classification system that uses a web directory(More)
This 2004 KDD Cup presents a perfect case where the usual neural network objective functions do not apply. While the contest problem consisted of 4 different entries with 4 different objective functions, this paper will focus on the solution optimizing GRMSE (Grouped Root Mean Squared Error). It will be shown that the more typical objective functions(More)
Most decision tree algorithms base their splitting decisions on a piecewise constant model. Often these splitting algorithms are extrapolated to trees with non-constant models at the leaf nodes. The motivation behind Look-ahead Linear Regression Trees (LLRT) is that out of all the methods proposed to date, there has been no scalable approach to exhaustively(More)
BACKGROUND The postthrombotic syndrome is a debilitating condition occurring in 30% to 50% of patients with lower extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Following iliofemoral DVT, however, postthrombotic morbidity is especially severe, due to occlusion of the common femoral vein (CFV) and iliac veins. While endoluminal recanalization appears effective in(More)
A thermophilic anaerobic digester with ultrafilter (TADU) for solids separation offers potential advantages of higher VS destruction, biomass retention, and pathogen removal. However, potential disadvantages include ultrafilter fouling, decreasing flux, and high VFA concentrations. In this study, a thermophilic anaerobic digester coupled to a sintered(More)
Zymosan-induced peritonitis is associated with an increased production of reactive nitrogen oxides that may contribute to the often-observed failure of multiple organ systems in this model of acute inflammation. Quantitative biochemical evidence is provided for a marked 13-fold increase in protein-bound 3-nitrotyrosine (NTyr), a biomarker of reactive(More)
We report a case of a 36-year old patient who suffered from a unilateral painless loss of vision. Ophthalmological examination in the context of a highly reactive syphilis serology revealed an acute syphilitic posterior placoide chorioretinitis (ASPPC). Additional clinical findings were a mucosal lesion on the upper lip, consistent with a plaque opaline and(More)