David S. Sumam

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The recently proposed H.264 video coding standard offers significant coding gains over previously defined standards. An enhanced intra-frame prediction algorithm has been proposed in H.264 for efficient compression of I-frames. This paper investigates the scope of the intraframe coder of H.264 for image coding. We compare the quality of this coder and the(More)
Computational efficiency of Signal Processing Algorithm implemented in hardware depends on efficiency of datapath, memory speed, and generation of addresses for data access. In case of signal processing applications, pattern of data access is complex in comparison with other applications. If implemented in a general purpose processor, address generation for(More)
Dynamic Range Compression (DRC) is a key component in all modern Hearing Aids. Attack and Release time constants decide the speed with which the DRC should act to the incoming signal amplitude variation. So an accurate estimation of time constants gives a precise control over the DRC behavior. In this paper we examined various errors that occur in the(More)
Beamforming is a spatial filtering technique used in hearing aids to improve target sound reception by reducing interference from other directions. In this paper we propose improvements in an existing architecture present for two omnidirectional microphone array based adaptive beamforming for hearing aid applications and implement the same on Xilinx Artix 7(More)
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