David S. Simon

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We investigate the effect of turbulence on quantum ghost imaging. We use entangled photons and demonstrate that for a specific experimental configuration the effect of turbulence can be greatly diminished. By decoupling the entangled photon source from the ghost-imaging central image plane, we are able to dramatically increase the ghost-image quality. When(More)
We introduce two new devices, the correlation confocal and twin-photon microscopes. Like the standard two photon confocal microscope, they use spatially-correlated photon pairs to improve lateral resolution, but with the correlation enforced in different manners. Ocis codes: (180.1790) Confocal microscopy; (180.5810) Scanning microscopy; (190.4970)(More)
Atmospheric turbulence generally affects the resolution and visibility of an image in long-distance imaging. In a recent quantum ghost imaging experiment [P. B. Dixon et al., Phys. Rev. A 83, 051803 (2011)], it was found that the effect of the turbulence can nevertheless be mitigated under certain conditions. This paper gives a detailed theoretical analysis(More)
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