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A new class of immunoglobulin, IgD, was identified in normal human serum by immunochemical technics. Antiserums prepared against the unique S.J. myeloma protein facilitated recognition of the related normal protein. IgD was shown to possess type K (I) and type L (II) light chain determinants, similar to those present in other classes of immunoglobulins. IgD(More)
The unique myeloma protein from S. J., a patient with multiple myeloma, was isolated and characterized. It resembled other myeloma proteins in many respects. The S. J. myeloma protein migrated in a distinct peak in the slow beta-globulin region on zone electrophoresis, appeared as a single band on starch gel electrophoresis, and sedimented at 7.04S in the(More)
A large proportion of the human peripheral blood lymphocytes of adults and newborns having IgD were found also to have IgM on their membranes and vice versa. A few lymphocytes had one of these classes only. IgD and IgM could be capped independently on the same cell. The possibility that IgD was acquired by a cytophilic process was excluded by the finding(More)