David S. Reiner

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We describe the tools and theory of a comprehensive system for database design, and show how they work together to support multiple conceptual and logical design processes. The Database Design and Evaluation Workbench (DDEW) system uses a rigorous, information-content-preserving approach to schema transformation, but combines it with heuristics, guess work,(More)
A crucial part of relational query optimization is the reordering of query processing for more efficient query evaluation. The reordering may be explicit or implicit. Our major goal in this paper is to describe manipulation rules for queries that include outerjoins, and views or nested subqueries. By expressing queries and processing Strategies in terms of(More)
This paper presents a method for dynamic modification of operating system control parameters to improve system performance. Improved parameter settings are learned by experimenting on the system. The experiments compare the performance of alternative parameter settings in each region of a partitioned load-performance space associated with the system. The(More)