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TI-83 TM screen shots are used with permission of the publisher: C 1996, Texas Instruments Incorporated. TI-83 TM Graphic Calculator is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated. Minitab is a registered trademark of Minitab, Inc. Microsoft C and Windows C are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other(More)
Shigella flexneri, the causative agent of shigellosis, is a gram-negative bacterial pathogen that initiates infection by invading cells within the colonic epithelium. Contact with host cell surfaces induces a rapid burst of protein secretion via the Shigella type III secretion system (TTSS). The first proteins secreted are IpaD, IpaB, and IpaC, with IpaB(More)
A sex difference on mental-rotation tasks has been demonstrated repeatedly, but not in children less than 4 years of age. To demonstrate mental rotation in human infants, we habituated 5-month-old infants to an object revolving through a 240 degrees angle. In successive test trials, infants saw the habituation object or its mirror image revolving through a(More)
In this study, the authors demonstrated that 6-month-old infants are able to categorize natural, 650 Hz low-pass filtered infant-directed utterances. In Experiment 1, 24 male and 24 female infants heard 7 different tokens from 1 class of utterance (comforting or approving). Then, some infants heard a novel test stimulus from the familiar class of tokens;(More)
Mental rotation involves transforming a mental image of an object so as to accurately predict how the object would look if it were rotated in space. This study examined mental rotation in male and female 3-month-olds, using the stimuli and paradigm developed by Moore & Johnson (2008). Infants were habituated to a video of a 3-dimensional object rotating(More)
1. INTRODUCTION. It has become a truism, at least among statisticians, that while statistics is a mathematical science, it is not a subfield of mathematics. We even have apho-risms to express some ways in which our science differs from mathematics. George Box: " All models are wrong, but some are useful. " George Cobb: " In mathematics, context obscures(More)
Microalgae, with their high lipid content, are a promising feedstock for renewable fuels. Traditionally, human and environmentally toxic solvents have been used to extract these lipids, diminishing the sustainability of this process. Herein, pulsed electric field technology was utilized as a process intensification strategy to enhance lipid extraction from(More)
Shigella flexneri uses its type III secretion apparatus (TTSA) to deliver invasins into human cells. This TTSA possesses an external needle with IpaD at its tip. We now show that deoxycholate promotes the stable recruitment of IpaB to the needle tip without inducing a rapid burst of type III secretion. The maintenance of IpaB at the needle tip requires a(More)