David S. Gibson

Madeleine E Rooney2
Caitriona Scaife2
Sorcha Finnegan2
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First-year computer science students need to see clearly that computer science as a discipline has an important intellectual role to play and that it offers deep philosophical questions, much like the other hard sciences and mathematics; that CS is not "just programming". An appropriate intellectual focus for CS1/CS2 can be built on the foundations of(More)
This paper describes our experience with selecting Ada as the primary programming language for Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors at the USAF Academy. We have decided to teach Ada in the first three courses of these majors for the next few years. Our criteria for selecting Ada are based on features of the language (such as strong typing, lack(More)
INTRODUCTION Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) comprises a poorly understood group of chronic autoimmune diseases with variable clinical outcomes. We investigated whether the synovial fluid (SF) proteome could distinguish a subset of patients in whom disease extends to affect a large number of joints. METHODS SF samples from 57 patients were obtained(More)
INTRODUCTION Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is a heterogeneous disease characterized by chronic joint inflammation of unknown cause in children. JIA is an autoimmune disease and small numbers of autoantibodies have been reported in JIA patients. The identification of antibody markers could improve the existing clinical management of patients. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is the most common rheumatological disease of childhood with a prevalence of around 1 in 1,000. Without appropriate treatment it can have devastating consequences including permanent disability from joint destruction and growth deformities. Disease aetiology remains unknown. Investigation of disease pathology(More)
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