David S. Gerstle

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1 In this paper we investigate the potential of "low-frequency" bus localization data for the mon2 itoring and control of bus system performance. We show that data with a sampling rate as low 3 as one minute, when processed appropriately, can provide ample information. In particular, we 4 obtain accurate estimates of stop arrival and departure times which(More)
Improving the education we offer is an important goal for nurses. Advances in computer presentation software have given us the ability to use visuals and sound to enhance learning, whether for patient education or staff development. Better visual design of your presentation should achieve four basic goals in communicating your message: (1) ensure(More)
Chronic nonmalignant pain is a prevalent and costly phenomenon. Chronic pain induces stressors that affect personal and work lives of sufferers. Because of this interference, quality of life is impacted. The purpose of this pilot study was to explore the impact of stressors on the quality of life of adult patients with chronic pain. The framework guiding(More)
data because of budget constraints. These AVL data are also used by transit agencies to evaluate their transit system performance, diagnose service bottlenecks, and improve the system level of service (1, 2). The main limitation of AVL data is measurement errors resulting from the Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and recording or transmission errors.(More)
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