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This crossover study tested the hypothesis that both diazepam and microdose medetomidine would comparably reduce the amount of propofol required to induce sedation. Four different medications, namely high-dose diazepam (0.4 mg/kg intravenously [IV]), low-dose diazepam (0.2 mg/kg IV), medetomidine (1 mug/kg IV), and placebo (0.5 mL physiological saline IV)(More)
A variety of hypotheses have been proposed to explain the premenstrual syndromes. These hypotheses serve as rationales for an equally diverse range of proposed treatments. To investigate these hypotheses, we obtained multiple blood samples across the menstrual cycle in women with well-characterized menstrually related mood disorder and in control subjects.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine outcome of and complications associated with prophylactic percutaneous laser disk ablation in dogs with thoracolumbar disk disease. DESIGN Retrospective study. ANIMALS 277 dogs. PROCEDURE Medical records of dogs with a history of thoracolumbar disk disease in which the 7 intervertebral disks from T10-11 through L3-4 were ablated(More)
Two young (14-mo-old and 6-mo-old), unrelated, male African lions (Panthera leo) were presented to the Veterinary Teaching Hospitals of Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University with progressive ambulatory difficulty. In both cases, limited neurologic evaluation demonstrated pelvic limb paresis and ataxia with conscious proprioceptive deficits.(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the anesthetic index of sevoflurane with that of isoflurane in unpremedicated dogs. DESIGN Randomized complete-block crossover design. ANIMALS 8 healthy adult dogs. PROCEDURE Anesthesia was induced by administering sevoflurane or isoflurane through a face mask. Time to intubation was recorded. After induction of anesthesia,(More)
A 15-yr-old female Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) was presented to the Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at Oklahoma State University with a 3-wk history of progressive hind limb weakness. Neurologic evaluation was limited to review of videotape that demonstrated weakness and ataxia with conscious proprioceptive deficits of the tiger's(More)
Eighteen dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy were premedicated with etodolac, butorphanol, or their combination. Various parameters, such as blood pressure, isoflurane requirements, behavioral pain scores, plasma cortisol concentration, plasma glucose concentration, and mucosal bleeding time, were assessed. The integrated plasma cortisol values were(More)
Modifications of a Type 1a external skeletal fixator (ESF) frame were evaluated by alternately placing transfixation pins on opposite sides of the connecting rod (Type 1a-MOD) or by placing additional connecting rods on either of the two inside (Type 1a-INSIDE) or two outside (Type 1a-OUTSIDE) transfixation pins. The objective of this study was to evaluate(More)
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