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This study examines the benefits and costs associated with the outright purchase of properties for hazard mitigation (" property acquisition mitigation ") in Santa Barbara, California which reduced four properties' exposure to multiple hazards. The results indicate that the estimated overall benefit-cost ratio for property acquisition mitigation projects is(More)
The following four corrections should be made to program HQR3 [1, 2]: (1) Line HQR 720 in [2] should have the comparison ".LE." instead of ".LT.". (2) Line HQR 1850 in [2] should branch to "220" instead of "230". (3) Line HQR 2130 should read "DO 250 1 ffi NLOW, NU", instead of "DO 250 Iffi 1, NU". (4) Line EXC 410 should read "R ffi AMAXl(ABS(P), ABS(Q))"(More)
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