David S. Ettinger

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Deceiving your opponent about your cognitive abilities cannot be captured by standard approaches in which players understand the strategy of their opponent perfectly well. We introduce a framework with boundedly rational players to explain deception. Following Jehiel (2003) we assume that players' types are characterized by how players partition the(More)
BACKGROUND The role of histology in the targeted management of nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) has garnered renewed attention in recent years. We provide contemporary population-based estimates of survival and an assessment of important prognostic factors in stage IV NSCLC by major histologic subtype. METHODS Using data from the Surveillance,(More)
4-Ipomeanol (IPO), a naturally occurring pulmonary toxin, is the first cytotoxic agent to undergo clinical development based on a biochemical-biological rationale as an antineoplastic agent targeted specifically against lung cancer. This rationale is based on preclinical observations that met abolic activation and intracellular binding of IPO, as well as(More)
We consider an auction setting in which bidders, even if they fail to obtain the good, care about the price paid by the winner. We study the impact of these price externalities on the first-price auction and the second-price auction in a symmetric information framework. We establish a distinction between price externalities that do not depend on the(More)
We report a case of oligometastatic non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in a 60-year-old male that was treated with both local and systemic therapies with an exceptional response to therapy. This case provides evidence that oligometastatic lung cancer, when treated with curative intent, may be an opportunity for long-term survival in select patients.
We study the impact of crossholdings on the efficiency of the standard auction formats. The ascending auction is not equivalent to the second-price auction. In a class of examples, the ascending auction is the only efficient standard auction format. * I would like to thank Philippe Jehiel and Jérôme Pouyet for helpful comments and supports. All errors are(More)
We consider a setting in which two potential buyers, one with a prior toehold and one without, compete in a takeover modelled as an ascending auction with participating costs. The toeholder is more aggressive during the takeover process because she is also a seller of her own shares. The non-toeholder anticipates this extra-aggressiveness of the toeholder.(More)
Patients undergoing cancer treatment experience a multitude of symptoms that can influence their ability to complete treatment as well as their quality of life during and after treatment. This cross-sectional study sought to describe the dietary changes experienced by cancer patients and to identify associations between these changes and common treatment(More)
We report results from an experiment on a repeated sender/receiver game with twenty periods in which one of the periods has higher weight, the sender communicates about the realized state in each period, the receiver takes an action matching her belief about the state, and then learns whether the sender lied. Receivers are matched either with malevolent(More)