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BACKGROUND WHO estimates that only 3% of fever patients use recommended artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), partly reflecting their high prices in the retail sector from where many patients seek treatment. To overcome this challenge, a global ACT subsidy has been proposed. We tested this proposal through a pilot program in rural Tanzania. (More)
BACKGROUND Millions of individuals with malaria-like fevers purchase drugs from private retailers, but artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), the only effective treatment in regions with high levels of resistance to older drugs, are rarely obtained through these outlets due to their relatively high cost. To encourage scale up of ACTs, the(More)
Fixed point is a step between integer math and floating point. This has the advantage of being almost as fast as numeric_std arithmetic, but able to represent numbers that are less than 1.0. A fixed-point number has an assigned width and an assigned location for the decimal point. As long as the number is big enough to provide enough precision, fixed point(More)
Percolation diffusion into long (11.5 cm) self-assembled, ordered mesoporous microfibres is studied using optical transmission and laser ablation inductive coupled mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). Optical transmission based diffusion studies reveal rapid penetration (<5 s, D > 80 μm²∙s-¹) of Rhodamine B with very little percolation of larger molecules such as(More)
Simvastatin have been shown to induce bone formation and there is currently a urgent need to develop an appropriate delivery system to sustain the release of the drug to increase therapeutic efficacy whilst reducing side effects. In this study, a novel drug delivery system for simvastatin by means of hydrothermally converting marine exoskeletons to(More)
BACKGROUND The BAG6 complex resides in the cytosol and acts as a sorting point to target diverse hydrophobic protein substrates along their appropriate paths, including proteasomal degradation and ER membrane insertion. Composed of a trimeric complex of BAG6, TRC35 and UBL4A, the BAG6 complex is closely associated with SGTA, a co-chaperone from which it can(More)
Floating-point numbers are the favorites of software people, and the least favorite of hardware people. The reason for this is because floating point takes up almost 3X the hardware of fixed-point math. The advantage of floating point is that precision is always maintained with a wide dynamic range, where fixed point numbers loose precision. The files(More)
As computer software becomes increasingly used in analysis and design in all engineering disciplines, more engineering programs have started including computer programming in their common core for all engineering majors. C++ is a popular programming language that's been chosen for teaching engineering students programming. At California Baptist University,(More)
Foraminifera carbonate exoskeleton was hydrothermally converted to biocompatible and biodegradable zinc-tricalcium phosphate (Zn-TCP) as an alternative biomimetic material for bone fracture repair. Zn-TCP samples implanted in a rat tibial defect model for eight weeks were compared with unfilled defect and beta-tricalcium phosphate showing accelerated bone(More)
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