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Sexual compulsivity (SC) is a condition characterized by sexual fantasies and behaviors that interfere with personal, interpersonal, or vocational pursuits. This article describes the ways in which gay and bisexual men with symptoms of SC understand and explain the origins of their condition. The data for this article were drawn from Project SPIN, a(More)
Because of the stigma associated with transgenderism, many transwomen (biological males who identify as female or transgender) experience rejection or abuse at the hands of their parents and primary caregivers as children and adolescents. The Parental Acceptance-Rejection (PAR) theory indicates that a child's experience of rejection may have a significant(More)
Transgender women completed questionnaires of religiosity, social support, stigma, stress-related growth, and sexual risk behavior. In a multivariate model, both social support and religious stress-related growth were significant negative predictors of unprotected anal sex, but religious behaviors and beliefs emerged as a significant positive predictor. The(More)
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