David S. Atkinson

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Alterations in midsagittal corpus callosum (CC) area and morphology have been suggested in several disease processes of the nervous system. In addition, some studies found a relation of CC area to handedness, language dominance, and gender. The relation of CC area to measures of intelligence and memory and the effect of epilepsy on CC area have received(More)
A relative weakness of the traditional spin-echo technique, and particularly of the newer "FAST" or "TURBO" spin-echo sequences, has been diminished conspicuousness of lesions affecting the peripheral cortical mantle or those located in the periventricular region. This is a consequence of partial volume effects and high cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) signal(More)
A previous report demonstrated a relationship between asymmetries of occipital lobe length measured on magnetic resonance images (MRIs) and the hemisphere verified as dominant for language. This study sought to discern whether asymmetry in occipital pole area is more predictive of the hemisphere dominant for language. Language dominance was identified by(More)
AIM To review the medical records of seven children with a delayed diagnosis of cerebral visual impairment. METHODS The charts of a consecutive series of children examined in a university based ophthalmology clinic with a delayed diagnosis of cerebral visual impairment were reviewed. Their neuroimaging studies were evaluated by a paediatric(More)
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