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The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of several non-ionic surfactants (Tween-80, Triton X-100 and Tergitol NP-10) on the ability of different bacteria (Enterobacter sp., Pseudomonas sp. and Steno-trophomonas sp.) to degrade polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Bacterial cultures were performed at 25 C in an orbital shaker under dark(More)
We perform a large-scale analysis of language diatopic variation using geotagged microblogging datasets. By collecting all Twitter messages written in Spanish over more than two years, we build a corpus from which a carefully selected list of concepts allows us to characterize Spanish varieties on a global scale. A cluster analysis proves the existence of(More)
This paper describes the development of a Spanish-Spanish Sign Language (LSE) translation system. Firstly, it describes the first Spanish-Spanish Sign Language (LSE) parallel corpus focused on two specific domains: the renewal of the Identity Document and Driver's License. This corpus includes more than 4,000 Spanish sentences (in these domains), their LSE(More)
Comparing the metabolic pathways of different species is useful for understanding metabolic functions and can help in studying diseases and engineering drugs. Several comparison techniques for metabolic pathways have been introduced in the literature as a first attempt in this direction. The approaches are based on some simplified representation of(More)
Self-sustained current oscillations in weakly coupled superlattices are studied by means of a self-consistent microscopic model of sequential tunneling, naturally including boundary conditions. Well-to-well hopping and recycling of charge monopole domain walls produce current spikes—high-frequency modulation— superimposed on the oscillation. For highly(More)
We analyze the linear conductance of a semiconductor quantum wire containing a region where a local Rashba spin-orbit interaction is present. We show that Fano lineshapes appear in the conductance due to the formation of quasi bound states which interfere with the direct transmission along the wire, a mechanism that we term the Fano-Rashba effect. We obtain(More)
This paper presents a novel system for automatic sleep system recommendation using RGB, depth and pressure information. It consists of a validated clinical knowledge-based model that, along with a set of prescription variables extracted automatically, obtains a personalized bed design recommendation. The automatic process starts by performing multi-part(More)