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We perform a large-scale analysis of language diatopic variation using geotagged microblogging datasets. By collecting all Twitter messages written in Spanish over more than two years, we build a corpus from which a carefully selected list of concepts allows us to characterize Spanish varieties on a global scale. A cluster analysis proves the existence of(More)
This paper describes the development of a Spanish-Spanish Sign Language (LSE) translation system. Firstly, it describes the first Spanish-Spanish Sign Language (LSE) parallel corpus focused on two specific domains: the renewal of the Identity Document and Driver's License. This corpus includes more than 4,000 Spanish sentences (in these domains), their LSE(More)
We analyze a macroscopic model with a maximal density constraint which describes short range repulsion in biological systems. This system aims at modeling finite-size particles which cannot overlap and repel each other when they are too close. The parts of the fluid where the maximal density is reached behave like incompressible fluids while lower density(More)
Comparing the metabolic pathways of different species is useful for understanding metabolic functions and can help in studying diseases and engineering drugs. Several comparison techniques for metabolic pathways have been introduced in the literature as a first attempt in this direction. The approaches are based on some simplified representation of(More)
BACKGROUND A prominent role of hair follicle-derived cells in epidermal wound closure is now well established but clinical translation of basic research findings is scarce. Although skin punch grafts have been used as a therapeutic intervention to improve healing of chronic leg ulcers, they are normally harvested from nonhairy areas, thus not taking(More)
Dream quality and sleep paralysis in medical students Abstract Introduction: Sleep paralysis is a conscious state body immobilization event that appears spontaneously or secondarily to stress situations or to possible bad quality of dream. Objective: To determine medical students association and risk of sleep paralysis in bad sleepers. Design: Analytical,(More)
This paper presents a novel system for automatic sleep system recommendation using RGB, depth and pressure information. It consists of a validated clinical knowledge-based model that, along with a set of prescription variables extracted automatically, obtains a personalized bed design recommendation. The automatic process starts by performing multi-part(More)
The indication for surgery in asymptomatic severe mitral regurgitation (SMR) with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is controversial. We sought to study 3D myocardial mechanics in this population and test 3D-speckle tracking (3DST) parameters as possible predictors of events. 45 asymptomatic patients with SMR and LVEF >60 % and 20 control(More)