David Sánchez

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Comparing the metabolic pathways of different species is useful for understanding metabolic functions and can help in studying diseases and engineering drugs. Several comparison techniques for metabolic pathways have been introduced in the literature as a first attempt in this direction. The approaches are based on some simplified representation of(More)
This paper presents a novel system for automatic sleep system recommendation using RGB, depth and pressure information. It consists of a validated clinical knowledge-based model that, along with a set of prescription variables extracted automatically, obtains a personalized bed design recommendation. The automatic process starts by performing multi-part(More)
The problem of time-dependent particle transport in quantum conductors is nowadays a well established topic. In contrast, the way in which energy and heat flow in mesoscopic systems subjected to dynamical drivings is a relatively new subject that cross-fertilize both fundamental developments of quantum thermodynamics and practical applications in(More)
INTRODUCTION Sleep surfaces must adapt to individual somatotypic features to maintain a comfortable, convenient and healthy sleep, preventing diseases and injuries. Individually determining the most adequate rest surface can often be a complex and subjective question. OBJECTIVES To design and validate an automatic multimodal somatotype determination model(More)
As global political preeminence gradually shifted from the United Kingdom to the United States, so did the capacity to culturally influence the rest of the world. In this work, we analyze how the world-wide varieties of written English are evolving. We study both the spatial and temporal variations of vocabulary and spelling of English using a large corpus(More)
Català Les tècniques de manifold learning han suposat una nova forma de descobrir informació i estructures de dades dins l’àmbit de la imatge mèdica. Aquest treball presenta una nova forma d’usar les tècniques de manifold , extraient informació no – lineal entre frames d’un cicle cardíac. L’ús d’aquestes tècniques ha permès la caracterització de les imatges(More)
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