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Crowdsourcing Dialect Characterization through Twitter
It is found that Spanish language is split into two superdialects, namely, an urban speech used across major American and Spanish citites and a diverse form that encompasses rural areas and small towns. Expand
Thermoelectric transport of mesoscopic conductors coupled to voltage and thermal probes
We investigate the basic properties of the thermopower (Seebeck coefficient) of phase-coherent conductors under the influence of dephasing and inelastic processes. Transport across the system isExpand
Kondo effect in a quantum dot coupled to ferromagnetic leads: a numerical renormalization group analysis.
This study demonstrates in an unambiguous way that the Kondo effect is not necessarily suppressed by the lead polarization, and proposes the linear tunneling magnetoresistance as an experimental signature of these behaviors. Expand
Mesoscopic Coulomb drag, broken detailed balance, and fluctuation relations.
A system consisting of a capacitively coupled double quantum dot where the nonlinear fluctuation relations are verified in the absence of detailed balance is proposed. Expand
Fano-Rashba effect in a quantum wire
We predict the occurrence of Fano line shapes in a semiconductor quantum wire with local spin-orbit Rashba coupling. We show that the Rashba interaction acts in a strictly one-dimensional channel asExpand
Scattering theory of nonlinear thermoelectric transport.
The nonequilibrium screening potential of a generic mesoscopic system is determined and it is found that its response is dictated by particle and entropic injectivities which describe the charge and entropy transfer during transport. Expand
Cotunneling Drag Effect in Coulomb-Coupled Quantum Dots.
This Letter observes Coulomb drag in a Coulomb-coupled double quantum dot and identifies cotunneling as essential to obtaining a correct qualitative understanding of the drag behavior. Expand
Mapping the Americanization of English in space and time
It is found that American English is the dominant form of English outside the UK and that its influence is felt even within the UK borders. Expand
Probing spin and orbital Kondo effects with a mesoscopic interferometer
We investigate theoretically the transport properties of a closed Aharonov-Bohm interferometer containing two quantum dots in the strong coupling regime. We find two distinct physical scenariosExpand