David Sáez

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BACKGROUND Plasmapheresis can be useful in myasthenia gravis, Guillain Barré syndrome and chronic demyelinating inflammatory polyradiculoneuritis. AIM To report our experience with plasmapheresis in patients with neurological diseases. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective review of plasmapheresis procedures done between 1995 and 2001, in a public(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the results obtained using the Dynesys system (Dynamic Neutralisation System for the spine), in a group of 94 patients. This new system for treating lumbar degenerative pathologies is based on lumbar stabilisation and preservation of articular function, as opposed to traditional arthrodesis restrictions. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analyze(More)
Sydenham's chorea is often regarded as a relatively benign and self-limiting condition. Treatment is typically symptomatic, although occasionally immunomodulatory therapies are required in severe forms. Here we report a girl who was affected with the severe variant, chorea paralytica, who responded dramatically and rapidly to plasmapheresis, having failed(More)
Hereditary hypercoagulability has been identified as risk factor in approximately 30% of cerebral venous thrombosis cases. We report three females with this association. A 38 years old female with a history of deep venous thrombosis of the lower limb, presented with headache, vomiting and a generalized seizure. Magnetic resonance angiography showed a(More)
The objective of high activity antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in patients with AIDS, is to obtain immune restoration. This means a reduction of the viral load and restitution of the CD4 cell count. A decreased rate of HIV replication improves both the number and function of CD4 cells. Nevertheless, this treatment sometimes results in the reappearance of(More)
Apomorphine is a potent dopaminergic agonist that quickly and predictably reverts parkinsonian symptomatology. In 32 patients (18 male) aged 45 to 83 years old (22 with idiopathic parkinsonism and 10 with parkinsonism of other causes), the dopaminergic response to apomorphine after domperidone administration was assessed using the digital skill test and(More)
BACKGROUND Subacute combined degeneration is a clinical manifestation of vitamin B12 deficiency, that we observe with unusual frequency. AIM To report a series of eleven patients with subacute combined degeneration. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospective analysis of 11 patients hospitalized in a public hospital in Santiago, between March 2001 and February(More)
Short latency somatosensory evoked potentials were measured in 10 patients with Parkinson's disease before and after the administration of Apomorphine 5 mg sc. Eight of these subjects were reassessed after one month of treatment with Levo-Dopa. These potentials were measured in other nine subjects before and after one month of treatment with Selegiline 10(More)
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