David Rutherford Throop

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This paper describes an incremental scenario-based simulation approach to evaluation of intelligent software for control and management of hardware systems. A hybrid continuous/discrete event simulation of the hardware dynamically interacts with the intelligent software in operations scenarios. Embedded anomalous conditions and failures in simulated(More)
—This paper describes a linguistic text mining tool for analyzing problem reports in aerospace engineering and safety organizations. The Semantic Trend Analysis Tool (STAT) helps analysts find and review recurrences, similarities and trends in problem reports. The tool is being used to analyze engineering discrepancy reports at NASA Johnson Space Center.(More)
Standard discrete event simulation is commonly used to identify system bottlenecks and starving and blocking conditions in resources and services. The CONFIG hybrid discrete/continuous simulation tool can simulate such conditions in combination with inputs external to the simulation. This provides a means for evaluating the vulnerability to system accidents(More)
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