David Rowe

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Neutrophil transmigration through venular walls that are composed of endothelial cells (ECs), pericytes, and the venular basement membrane is a key component of innate immunity. Through direct analysis of leukocyte-pericyte interactions in inflamed tissues using confocal intravital microscopy, we show how pericytes facilitate transmigration in vivo. After(More)
This study illuminates the intra-nuclear fate of COL1A1 RNA in osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) Type I. Patient fibroblasts were shown to carry a heterozy-gous defect in splicing of intron 26, blocking mRNA export. Both the normal and mutant allele associated with a nuclear RNA track, a localized accumulation of post-transcriptional RNA emanating to one side of(More)
We have previously demonstrated that a modified U1 snRNA inhibits expression of a number of targeted transgenes. Here we exploit the ability of the modified U1 snRNA to inhibit endogenous gene expression and define the mechanism responsible for this inhibitory action. MC3T3-E1 cells stably transfected with U1 anti-Cbfa1 show a change of morphology from(More)
Dynamic and cellular histomorphometry of trabeculae is the most biologically relevant way of assessing steady state bone health. Traditional measurement involves manual visual feature identification by a trained and qualified professional. Inherent with this methodology is the time and cost expenditure, as well as the subjectivity that naturally arises(More)
In recent years public health has become of great concern, in particular the personal and national economic burden resulting from increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Sedentary lifestyles are particularly serious for young people who are badly affected by obesity problems that impact on their current and future lives. In an effort to tackle this problem games(More)
We report on three years of data collected in the field from students in graduate and undergraduate seminars at two universities. The students annotated texts for discussion in classes where hypertext and computer interfaces were core topics. The results of our analysis show how annotation style changes with a combination of experience and study of material(More)