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Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a cause of proteinuric kidney disease, compromising both native and transplanted kidneys. Treatment is limited because of a complex pathogenesis, including unknown serum factors. Here we report that serum soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) is elevated in two-thirds of subjects with primary FSGS, but not in people(More)
BACKGROUND To reduce long-term nephrotoxic calcineurin inhibitor dosage, adjunctive sirolimus or mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) was used in a 150-patient, randomized, three-armed trial in cadaveric or human leukocyte antigen non-identical living-donor first renal transplant recipients (n=50/group). METHODS Group A received tacrolimus and sirolimus. Target(More)
Exercise training produces a vast array of physiological adaptations, ranging from changes in metabolism to muscle mitochondrial biogenesis. Researchers studying the physiological effects of exercise often use animal models that employ forced exercise regimens that include aversive motivation, which could activate the stress response. This study examined(More)
Two different "antisense" oligodeoxynucleotides and their RNA analogues, each complementary to non-overlapping sequences of 51 bases near the 5' end of TMV RNA, inhibit in vitro translation of the genomic RNA in a rabbit reticulocyte lysate. Inhibition is dependent upon complementarity, concentration, and hybridization of the oligomers with TMV RNA.(More)
The extent to which congestive heart failure (CHF) is dependent upon increased levels of the cardiac inhibitory GTP-binding protein (Gi), and the impact of CHF on the cardiac stimulatory GTP-binding protein (Gs) and mechanisms by which Gs may change remain unexplored. We have addressed these unsettled issues using pacing-induced CHF in pigs to examine(More)
Several studies have documented the effectiveness of bupropion for smoking cessation, yet little is known about the mechanisms by which it facilitates abstinence. In this placebo-controlled randomized trial. We examined whether bupropion's effects on cessation were mediated by changes in withdrawal and/or negative or positive affect (PA). Two hundred and(More)
BACKGROUND In an attempt to reduce chronic calcineurin inhibitor induced allograft nephropathy in first cadaver and human leukocyte antigen non-identical living-donor renal transplantation, sirolimus (Siro) or mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) was tested as adjunctive therapy, with planned dose reductions of tacrolimus (Tacro) over the first year postoperatively.(More)
TABLES Table 1. Prevalence of HCV infection in hemodialysis patients from various countries S8 Table 2. Summary Table of baseline characteristics of hemodialysis patients tested for HCV (EIA vs. NAT) S16 Table 3. Summary Table of testing for HCV in hemodialysis patients (EIA vs. NAT) S17 Table 4. Evidence Profile for diagnostic testing for HCV in(More)
To the Editor: Hepatitis C (HCV) is a leading cause of chronic liver disease worldwide and its prevalence in hemodialysis patients is higher than that of general population. There are no approved direct acting antiviral treatments to date in this population. We describe our experience of open label treatment with simeprevir and half-dose sofosbuvir in 15(More)